Tuesday November 24 2020  

All Animals Veterinary Clinic, Inc. Dental Care

We are located in Lebanon Indiana, just 30 minutes north of Indianapolis.
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Have you ever noticed a foul odor coming from your pets mouth. This odor can be a sign of issues with your cat or dogs mouth. Bad breath is caused by bacteria. This bacteria leads to reddened gums as well as plaque and tartar buildup. The result is bad breath.

As tartar continues to buildup you may notice excess drooling, dropping food while chewing or refusal to eat hard food, and loose or missing teeth. Even if you're using treats and chews to help control tartar, these are frequently not enough to keep dental disease in check.

Checking your pets teeth is a normal part of their yearly wellness exam. If you feel in between exams that your pet is exhibiting signs of dental disease let us examine your pet's teeth and gums.

After a brief visual examination, we may recommend a dental cleaning. Dental cleanings in animals are similar to how a dentist cleans our teeth however we have to have your pet under anesthesia so that we can take a closer look.

Call today to discuss your pet's dental care needs and how we can help!

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